This video is going around the internet, but if you didn’t come across it yet or didn’t bother to watch it yet - just do it.
If you have Apple TV+, you should just watch the whole episode as it’s great, but if you don’t - you can watch at least the ending interview in full for free.

My favorite exchange: (N being Nathan Dahm, the state senator, and J being Jon Stewart)

  • N: “They can exercise their freedom of speech, but not in front of a child.
  • J: “Why?
  • N: “Because the government does have a responsibility to protect…
  • J: “I’m sorry?” (giving him a chance to understand how hypocritical he will sound in one second)
  • N: “The government does have a responsibility in certain instances to protect children”
  • J: “Uh-huh. What is the leading cause of death amongst children in this country? And I’m going to give you a hint: it’s not drag show readings for children.

And just gets better from there and onwards. Just, watch it.