Apple is killing it with surprises so far this week, and today dropped a new generation of the full-size HomePod!
I wouldn’t have guessed this even after many attempts, and while I was well aware of the rumours flying around about a future HomePod/Apple TV/iPad combination and so on, I felt pretty sure they had given up on the regular HomePod.

I couldn’t be happier to be wrong about this! I own two of the original HomePods (and three HomePod minis), one of them bought in 2017 and the other in 2019. They are set up as a stereo pair in our living room and gets used very frequently, daily to play music and lots of Siri interactions (mostly HomeKit actions, reminders and kitchen timers).

They have though been starting to show their age, and I have been thinking a lot “what the h*ll do I do if these HomePods die for real”, and there hasn’t been any good answer (no Google, Meta or Amazon microphone will ever enter this home) - until now.

I insta-ordered two space grey ones, and I very much look forward to replacing them. I’ll sell the current ones for a minor recouping of the costs - but for my use and appreciation of these products - it was honestly not even a discussion.