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Not an easy year to make this list, because there’s been so much good TV. So the list ends up long, and the list is not in order. If I could only pick one show, I’d pick Severance but it’s a tight race.


  • Severance S1 (Apple TV+)
  • Andor S1 (Disney+)1
  • Slow Horses S1 & S2 (Apple TV+)2
  • White Lotus S2 (HBO)
  • Better Call Saul S6
  • Pachinko S1 (Apple TV+)
  • For All Mankind S3 (Apple TV+)
  • Barry S3 (HBO)
  • Peacemaker S1 (HBO)
  • The Boys S3 (Amazon Prime)


  • Black Bird (Apple TV+)
  • Bad Sisters (Apple TV+)3
  • We Own This City (HBO)


  • Hacks S2 (HBO)
  • Mythic Quest S3 (Apple TV+)
  • Loot S1 (Apple TV+)
  • She-hulk S1 (Disney+)
  • The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special (Disney+)


  • Prehistoric Planet (Apple TV+)

Runner ups

Still good shows that I enjoyed and can recommend, just secondarily to the above ones.

  • Rings of Power S1 (I have high hopes for the coming seasons. So much better than I could have dreamed of)
  • The Old Man S1 (great first half, went off the rails later)
  • The Afterparty S1
  • Shining Girls S1
  • Reacher S1 (Amazon Prime)


This category is shows I saw hoping they’d be better but would recommend skipping.

  • Stranger Things S4. Just more of the same. There is one truly excellent hour of TV show in here, with the “Billy” episode.
  • The Walking Dead finale. A pretty good season but the finale underwhelmed so much I want to forget the whole thing.
  • Ozark S4.5. I had higher hopes.
  • Obi-wan. I honestly don’t understand why anyone liked this show. Awful bore.
  • House of the Dragons. Formulaic and made by people who did decidedly not understand what made the first couple seasons of Game of Thrones great.
  • The Handmaids Tale S5. I’m still watching because it remains an important story and extremely well made and acted. But just not as engaged as I used to be.

Still on the list

Shows that came out in 2022 that I want to watch but didn’t yet.

  • 1899
  • The Bear

  1. The first truly good Star Wars show. And first one made for adults. I enjoyed Mandalorian S1 but this is so much better. Ohi-wan and Book of Boba Fett are just awful in comparison ↩︎

  2. Season 1 and 2 both came out in 2022, and both are truly excellent. Season 3 is already filmed and coming in 2023. ↩︎

  3. Although there’s somewhat surprisingly a second season coming, the first one works fully as a contained thing)] ↩︎